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Mississippi Dreamin’ Come Hell or High Water

One Man, One Canoe, Nineteen Friends, One Majestic River!

Pass the Paddle: Mississippi Dreamin’ Come Hell or High Water is Jerry Schumm’s (aka the Paddlin’ Pastor) memoir of his journey down the Mississippi River. It was an excursion like no other. Jerry never paddled alone. Friends and family members signed up for “legs” of the river. A ceremonial paddle was passed from one canoeist to the next—a giant relay.

For fellow adventurers, the book provides a day-by-day documentation of the Mississippi River voyage from the headwaters at Lake Itasca to New Orleans. It also is the story of family, friendship, spirituality, and the goodness of folks met along the way. More importantly, it is the tale of a man who has the qualities needed to actualize a lifelong dream: positive attitude, persistence, and patience.




Book Tour

Pass the Paddle:  Great River Road Adventure – 2019 Book  Tour

In 2000, Rev. Dr. Jerry Schumm (aka the Paddlin’ Pastor) canoed the Mississippi River from the headwaters at Lake Itasca to New Orleans.  Nineteen friends and family members took turns canoeing with Jerry to help him fulfill a life-long dream.  His story is now documented in his book, Pass the Paddle: Mississippi Dreamin’ Come Hell or High Water.

In the fall of 2019, Jerry will retrace his journey down the river – this time driving down the Great River Road.  He’ll make stops along the way to visit historic sites, reconnect with people he met on the river, and to conduct book readings and signings.  (*indicates book signing only)

Saturday, August 31                            3:00 pm                 Bemidji Public Library (Bemidji, MN)

Sunday, September 1                         TBD                         *Itasca State Park, Book Store (Park Rapids, MN)

Tuesday, September 3                        12:00 noon           Aitkin Public Library (Aitkin, MN)

Wednesday, September 4                 6:00 pm                 Brainerd Public Library (Brainerd, MN)

Thursday, September 5                      12:00 noon           Great River Regional Library (St. Cloud, MN)

Sunday, September 8                         5:00 pm                 Magers & Quinn Book Store (Minneapolis, MN)

Monday, September 9                        12:00 noon           Fair Trade Books (Red Wing, MN)

Tuesday, September 10                     5:00 pm                 Paperbacks & Pieces Book Store (Winona, MN)

Wednesday, September 11               2:00 pm                 Elkader Public Library (Elkader, IA)

Thursday, September 12                    7:00 pm                 Guttenberg Public Library (Guttenberg, IA)

Saturday, September 14                    1:00-4:00 pm        *Barnes & Noble (Davenport, IA)

Sunday, September 15                       3:00 pm                 Elliott’s Test Kitchen (Ft. Madison, IA)

Tuesday, September 17                     6:30 pm                 Hannibal Public Library (Hannibal, MO)

Thursday, September 19                    11:40 pm               Eden Theological Seminary (Webster Groves, MO)

Friday, September 20                         7:00 pm                 Shrewsbury Lanes (Shrewsbury, MO)

Monday, September 23                     6:30 pm                 Chester Public Library (Chester, IL)

Tuesday, September 24                     1:00-4:00 pm        *Barnes & Noble (Cape Girardeau, MO)

Thursday, September 26                    1:00 pm                 New Madrid Memorial Public Library (New Madrid, MO)

Friday, September 27                         5:00-8:00 pm        *Barnes & Noble (Wolf Chase Galleria; Memphis, TN)

Monday, September 30                     4:00 pm                 Carnegie Public Library (Clarksdale, MN)

Wednesday, October 2                      5:00 pm                 Vicksburg Public Library (Vicksburg, MS)

Saturday, October 5                            11:00 am               Natchez Public Library (Natchez, MS)